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Black History Month

February 2019

More than half of 18th-century Williamsburg residents were African American. Join us during Black History Month and discover their untold stories: A revolutionary spy who helped free his own masters from “slavery” under English rule. A free black woman and her enslaved friends manage love, work, and friendship. A manservant to one of the 18th-century’s most public figures. A young man needing to care for his family after his father’s passing.

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commemorating 40 years of

African american interpretation

Special Events & Programs

Meet our nation builders


Our most elite cadre of interpreters, Nation Builders portray real historic figures who lived in 18th-century Williamsburg and made a significant contribution to the American story. Travel to the 1790s, and meet a Nation Builder who helped shape their time, and whose legacy continues to influence and inspire American ideals.