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Shuttle, Dye, & Stitch

Shuttle, Dye, & Stitch


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This intensive weekend workshop offers multiple hands-on opportunities: weave on a loom, dye using natural dyestuffs over a fire, and embroider your handwoven cloth with your own hand-dyed yarn. No prior experience is required.

This two-and-a-half day workshop will start with a behind-the-scenes tour with a textile curator to acquaint you with 18th-century embroidered objects found in Colonial Williamsburg’s textile collection. These pieces will serve as inspiration for the work to follow.

Directly after the behind-the-scenes tour, there will be a meet & greet in order for you to meet your instructors for the workshop in a relaxed and informal setting to help kickoff the weekend.  

The first full day, join Karen Clancy, Master Weaver, and her staff on ready-to-weave, modern student looms where the foundational fabric for the weekend will be woven. Also on the first day, work over the dye pots to achieve brilliant shades on embroidery yarn with the natural dyes available in the 18th century.

The following day, you will be with Janea Whitacre, Mistress of the Millinery, and her staff to begin the patterning process. They will help you set your pattern and show you the ways of the needle to embroider a design on your project.

On the final day, you will have until noon to continue work on your project under the watchful tutelage of the milliners. See all your work come together as the workshop comes to a close.  All required materials are included in the price of the workshop.

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Shuttle, Dye, & Stitch

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