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40 Years of African American Interpretation: Future


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2019 marks 40 years of African American Interpretation at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. During that time, dedicated historians, interpreters and museum specialists have researched, reenacted and preserved African American history through programming at Colonial Williamsburg. Continuing the journey is essential to understanding the past.  

Colonial Williamsburg’s innovators and storytellers are continually asking, “What stories still need to be told? What will the future bring in new innovations? How can we educate new generations about the story of “us”?”

In the final segment of the three-part African American Interpretation series entitled, “African American Interpretation: Future,” join panelists Christy ColemanMichael Twitty, Anika Noni Rose, Deirdre Jones, Robert C. Watson and moderator Stephen Seals as they discuss the future of African American programing.

Special thanks to the Ford Foundation whose generous grant has made the lecture series possible.

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